Monday, June 30, 2008

Todd Jones the Rollercoaster

Todd Jones the infamous closing pitcher for the Detroit Tigers is at it again, giving the fans a reason to sweat, cheer, and boo at the same time.
The guy they love to hate and hate to love is still the top pitcher in the bullpen whether fans boo him or not.
Get used to it Tiger fans. The aptly named "rollercoaster" is going to be your thrill ride on the mound for a little while.
He blew one save opportunity in sixteen tries and you would think most fans would give him a break or a free pass if you will.
Uh uh no way.
They treat him as if he just shot Justin Verlander in the foot!
Jonesy has three wins and no losses, fifteen saves out of sixteen opportunities and a 4.91 earned run average.
Detroit fans are bar none the greatest baseball fans in the nation, but they sure are strange.
At the ballpark Todd Jones is a true fan favorite.His sense of humor and rain delay antics, as well as his make it or break it attitude on the mound keeps us all entertained and reaching for are anti- stress medication.
Todd Jones is what he is. A closing pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.
Why Todd Jones? For one he can throw strikes, and he doesn't walk very many and has an uncanny ability to give us all a heart attack. Typical Todd Jones.
I like this guy and I wouldn't have anyone else on the mound with the game on the line.
So if you are ever at Comerica Park, take a look out in the bullpen and you will usually see him standing up chatting with fans, signing a few baseballs or practical joking with other players.
In the ninth inning look to the pitchers mound, once he's there he's all business.


Cooz said...

it's good to see a writer give it back to the fans a bit. We are usually overwhelmed with team and player bashers as well as manager second guessers that we forget that sometimes we as fans are wrong. Jones is a very capable closer, getting abit past his prime and yes, I sweat when he's on the mound, however he is getting it done this year.

Timothy said...

I am a homer when it comes to the Tigers,however I can be an armchair manager when I beleive Leyland is making mistakes, like just sending down Zach Minor. Thanks for your comment.