Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Detroit Tigers vs The Metrodome

The Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins have both been hot teams of late, however injuries are beginning to plague both clubs.
With right fielders Magglio Ordonez (Tigers) and Michael Cuddyer (Twins) out with injuries, the teams have had to fill in these holes with players from their respective triple A affiliates.

With this series tied at one game apiece, today's game turns into an important rubber game for these two American League Central Division rivals.
The first two games have each been decided by one run, the Tigers taking the first 5-4, and the Twins taking the second 6-5.
Each of these games were very exciting to watch, having all the elements of great Major League Baseball, clutch hitting, pitching, base stealing, bunting, and home runs.

Minnesota is a very good small -ball team that can manufacture runs seemingly with ease.
Rising star Carlos Gomez continues to be a threat on the base paths as well as in center field.
Justin Morneau has always been a big powered bat for the Twins.

The Tigers on the other hand seem to be trying to emulate the Twins style of play. Are the Tigers a small-ball type of club? Not really. The Tigers tend to depend too much on power hitting and free swinging.
Sure they can set the table pretty well with players like Curtis Granderson and Placido Polanco, but usually depend on Marcus Thames or Gary Sheffield to deliver the big hit, which more often than not come up short. There has been countless times they hit into a double play or hit a lazy fly ball, when they should be pushing runners over or putting the ball in play instead of free swinging their way into a strikeout.
With the injury list getting long, the Tigers will need the younger players to step up and deliver.
Newcomers like Clete Thomas, Matt Joyce, and Dane Sardinha are still just getting their feet wet in the Major Leagues.
The bullpen for Detroit is beginning to shape up a little with Fernando Rodney, Joel Zumaya, and Casey Fossum all being called up in late June and have been pitching some solid innings in relief.
Playing in the Metrodome is a whole different type of baseball. Ground balls seem to die or scoot by infielders that normally seem playable anywhere else. Infield hits are quite common. If you have runners on your best bet would be to hit the ball on the ground because there is a big chance that the ball will do funny things. Advantage Twins. The Twins know how to play at home and will continue to eek out hits with their good speed on the base paths.
I like the match up with these two teams, it makes for some pretty exciting baseball to watch.
With Detroit in the Metrodome you never know what to expect. A comedy of errors could turn into some pretty outstanding defensive plays.
The Metrodome is like a box of chocolates Forrest, ya never know what you're gonna get.
Right now the Tigers are playing the Twins and the Metrodome.

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