Sunday, January 9, 2011

Filling Out the Rotation

As January rolls along, your Detroit Tigers continue to tweak their roster.
According to, the Tigs are exploring bringing back a couple of names from the past; Freddy Garcia and Jeremy Bonderman, as well as trying to sign Brad Penny.’s Jason Beck says the Garcia idea is “possible, but not likely”. You can view the article by clicking this link. Detroit Tigers Rumors: MLB Rumors -

Bonderman of course had an 8-10 record with a 5.53 era last year, after returning from a blood clot in his axillary vein in 2008 and more trouble with his throwing shoulder in 2009.

Garcia has spent the past two seasons pitching for the rival Chicago White Sox, after a 3-game stint in Detroit in 2008.

Penny, he of 11 MLB seasons and 108 career victories, 101 of them in the National League could end up being the wild card signing.

Earlier this winter, ESPN’s Buster Olney ranked the Tigers starting rotation as the 7th best in baseball, behind the Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, Tampa Bay Rays, and Boston Red Sox.

The Tigers rotation lines up like this
1. Justin Verlander
2. Max Scherzer
3. Rick Porcello
4. Phil Coke (moving from the bullpen)

Garcia, Penny, and Bonderman would be competing with Armando Galarraga for the number 5 slot.

I respect Buster Olney’s opinion, but Scherzer and Coke need to show me more before I really anoint them as solid contributors to the rotation, so I have my doubts, the Tigers rotation will end the 2011 season as the 7th best in all of baseball. We certainly can hope it does.

Spring training is a little over a month away, so there is time for the Tigers to decide what do to, but watching the battle for the #5 slot could prove to be one of the better things to watch in Lakeland this spring.

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brandon said...

I like the top 3, and if you are not the Yanks, Sox, Phils, etc. You are going to have questions marks at 4 and 5. I would like to give Coke a chance, and he is a lefty, which we desperately need. I think Scherzer/Verlander could possibly be elite 1/2. Scherzer was a top notch prospect that hadn't quite gotten it, hopefully he has turned the corner.

I will deal with Coke/Galarraga. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to give them a guy to compete with them though.

--BL 127