Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Galarraga on the move

Well this move explains why Brad Penny hasn’t been listed on the Tigers 40 man roster.

According to MLB Trade Rumors.com, the Detroit Tigers have designated Armando Galarraga for assignment. The team now has 10 days to trade, release or outright him to the Minor Leagues.

In an announcement made on Twitter this afternoon, the Tigers officially announced the deal they have reached with Brad Penny, that was reported a week ago, while simultaneously designating Armando Galarraga for assignment.

The official announcement by the team of Penny’s signing, was pending a physical which Penny took and passed, late last week. Once the Tigers had Galarraga under contract, they could then make the move to designate him for assignment, and “officially” announce the signing of Penny.

Since the Brad Penny signing, I have been keeping an eye on the Tigers roster, but Penny hasn’t been listed, despite the reported announcement of his signing, 6 days ago, on Jan 12.


jasonm said...

Im glad the tigers didn't settle for Galarraga as their fifth starter. One near perfect game does not make up for a year of inconsistency. I think the have a real shot at winning this division if all stay healthy. Im keeping my fingers crossed that Zumaya can return to form AGAIN. I am tired of watching the Twins win the division only to get swept in the first round. I cant wait until April. Go Tigers.

Scott said...


First let me say welcome to Tiger Tizzy, I hope that you follow along all season long, as I hope that I can make Tiger Tizzy, THE spot, for Tigers information, next to the Tigers website, that is.

I'm curious WHY they decided to sign Armando to a contract, if they were going to designate him. Maybe they have a willing trade partner, and he had to be under contract to move him. One thing is for sure, with the 10 day deadline, something will happen.

You're right, one "almost" perfect game, doesn't give him any any sort of pass. I think Penny will be a great fit at the back end of the rotation.