Friday, January 28, 2011

Mike Maroth retires

It didn’t make news on Sports Center, or even on the main MLB page on, but the other day, former Tiger Mike Maroth announced his retirement.

Maroth was never a high-draft pick or Top-10 prospect for the Tigers, but due to circumstances beyond his control, for one inglorious season, Maroth became the face of the Tigers.

Back in 2003, Maroth became the first MLB 20-game loser since 1980, when the dubious feat was logged into the record book by Brian Kingman, of the Oakland A’s. That season, Maroth started 33 games for a Tigers team that lost 119 games. Maroth pitched his way to a 9-21 record that year. To put it into perspective, Maroth’s 9 wins on a team that only won 43 games for the season, is like a 19-win season on a team that won 90 games.

Due to injury, and despite attempts to return from them, Maroth decided to hang up his cleats. He won’t ever be in the Hall of Fame, or listed as a Tiger favorite, but for the class in which he represented himself, his teammates, and the game, in the face of a record most Tiger fans wish to forget- I wish the best for wish for nothing but the best for him.

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