Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baseball junkie

So I have to admit I might be a baseball junkie.

A line from the Tampa Bay Rays press conference where former Tiger Johnny Damon and his old Boston Red Sox teammate, Manny Ramirez were officially introduced as Rays.

Damon was asked how many games he anticipated playing this season

Damon: "I would love to play 162 games, will it happen? Probably not, but my body is my temple, it always has been, I've learned over the years how to say healthy."

Manny: "Let's do this, (looking and pointing at Damon) you play 100, I'll play 62, that's what we gotta do."

Laughter from everyone.

Great line, but I am sure plenty of Rays fans are hoping the statement doesn't prove to be accurate.

Personally, I laughed REALLY, REALLY hard when I heard it. Maybe Manny can start his own comedy tour when he retires. I can see it now, the "Manny-being-Manny" comedy tour. I don't think that the boys from the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" are worried, though.

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