Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bonderman won't return to Detroit; Interest from Tribe?

Earlier this month rumors were floating about, that there was a chance that Jeremy Bonderman would be offered a contract to return to Detroit.

In an article that appeared on the Detroit News website on Tuesday, General Manager Dave Dombrowski said there was no chance that the 8-year veteran would return to the Tigers. Dombrowski also indicated that Vladimir Guerrero wasn’t “a good fit”.

This afternoon, there were indications that Bonderman wouldn’t appear to be a complete stranger for Tiger fans, as reports came out that the Cleveland Indians were “close” to signing Bonderman to a deal.

If those rumors end up being true, look for Bondo to sign a Minor-league contract with an invitation to Spring Training with Cleveland, where he could make the rotation with a strong spring training performance.


brandon said...

I always liked Bondo. I know hes pretty much been a two pitch pitcher, but that Slider is an A+ pitch.

I hope he makes a roster somewhere, even if he has to adjust to the bullpen.

Scott said...


I always liked Bondo as well. If he hadn't had the injuries, the Tigers would have a very nice 1-4. Verlander, Porcello, Bondo and Scherzer, right now.

If he signs with Cleveland, I don't see how Carlos Carrasco, Josh Tomlin or Mitch Talbot are better options for their rotation than what Jeremy will give them.