Thursday, February 17, 2011

Breaking News: Cabrera arrested in Florida

First Baseman Miguel Cabrera was arrested for drunk driving last night in Lakeland. Cabrera posted bond and was released early this morning.

We all remember the incident late in the 2009 season, before the Tigers lost the Central Division Title to the Twins.

I certainly hope that the Tigers get Cabrera the help it seems that he desperately needs. I don’t know Miggy, but he is approaching the midway point of what can be a Hall of Fame career. I hope he can find away to take care of the problems he has as a person, let alone as a baseball player.

Dave Dombrowski, please work with this man’s agent, and your team, and give him the help he needs.


Jason said...


Scott said...

Jason, obviously the details are still coming out, and something will happen to Cabrera, but yes, it was a pretty stupid move on his part.