Friday, February 25, 2011

Cabrera Reports, makes statement.

According to reports Cabrera’s agent met with Dave Dombrowski Wednesday night making it clear Cabrera’s arrival in Lakeland was immanent.

Team officials announced after the team’s workout on Thursday, that Cabrera would address the media in Lakeland later in the afternoon.

Cabrera spoke, for a few moments, mostly in Spanish, with translation provided by Tigers Vice President, Assistant General Manager Al Avila. In his statement, which lasted for around 30 minutes, Cabrera “asked for forgiveness” and said the alcohol-fueled incident of 9 days ago was “just one bad decision on my part”.

Major League Baseball issued no suspension or even mandatory counseling for Cabrera, but in a statement released by MLB, Rob Manfred- Executive Vice President of Labor Relations, said “Mr. Cabrera understands the importance of this problem and is fully committed to the program”, and continued with “He also understands that any future alcohol-related incidents could involve more serious consequences”.

This is Cabrera’s second incident involving alcohol, where authorities have had to become involve, and is violation of MLB’s substance-abuse policy. The first of course was back in 2009.

Despite the fact that MLB did not suspend or require Cabrera to enter mandatory counseling, the last line of the statement issued, made it clear that Cabrera will not be given a “slap on the hand”, if there is a 3rd strike violation of the policy.

Cabrera also said that he won’t be issuing a statement to the entire Tigers team, but that he would speak to his teammates individually to apologize.

Reaction from his teammates, of course was forgiving. Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge said” We’re not mad at him. We’re not disappointed in him. We’re going to forgive him”.

Tigers officials are working hard to find someone who can supervise Cabrera on a regular basis, much like what the Texas Rangers have provided to their All-Star, but abuse-troubled, Outfielder Josh Hamilton.

In the meantime, the Tigers confirmed that Cabrera’s treatment will take place while he is around the team, and that Cabrera has been cleared to rejoin the club in full capacity, starting with workouts in Lakeland Friday morning.

Cabrera will not be taking part in the team’s annual exhibition opener against Florida Southern College, which will take place this afternoon.

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