Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Man's Opinon on the Miguel Cabrera Story

The Detroit sports-talk radio shows have been covering the Miguel Cabrera story all day, since earlier today the story broke that Cabrera was arrested on charges of Drunk-Driving in Florida.

Most everyone knows that Cabrera had an alcohol related incident at the end of the 2009 Tigers season, and after the story broke this morning about his latest incident, Dan Le Batard reported of an incident that happened during a photo-shoot for ESPN the Magazine where the then 20 year-old Cabrera was drunk to the point of “scaring” people.

I am a HUGE baseball and lifetime Detroit Tiger fan, that’s one of the reasons why I started writing for Tiger Tizzy.

The 2011 season SEEMED to be one full of potential and promise as Spring Training started. The news of Miguel Cabrera’s relapse to drinking has put that cause for optimism on hold. As a Tiger fan I want to see Cabrera on the field for 162 games and 600+ AB’s so they can maybe reach the World Series. If Miguel Cabrera does that, the Tigers have a better chance of going to the Series, than if Cabrera misses significant playing time, that’s not fiction; it’s just the bottom line truth.

MY hope for the Detroit Tigers is that they do the proper thing for Miguel Cabrera the PERSON. I don’t know Miguel Cabrera, nor have I ever even met the man, and I probably never will. The number of athletes, who have battled alcoholism and lost, is well documented. The Tigers can show they are a first–class organization by doing whatever is needed in 2011 to take care of Miguel Cabrera the person, no matter what the effect will be for the 2011 team on the field.

Hopefully, the Detroit Tigers, Cabrera’s agent, the MLB players union and Cabrera himself will admit there is reason to believe he has some sort of addiction, and they all work together to treat the disease. Thousands of “regular” people without Cabrera’s talents, money and potential support systems have been able to beat alcohol. They have done so because they realized what they might have lost in their lives if they didn’t change. I hope that Miguel Cabrera will come to the same realization, sooner rather than later.


Ty said...


Great post . . . the situation, however, is awful. I agree completely, BTW.


bambino3ghr said...

As a friend of Bill W., I know Miguel has a long road ahead of him. I hope he can do the right thing and get the help he needs. I also hope the Tigers will support him in these trying times.