Friday, February 11, 2011

Tigers not interested in Michael Young;“Make or break” for Zumaya; Tigers on TV

As the countdown to Spring Training continues, and by the way, Pitchers and Catchers have to report to Lakeland on Sunday, for workouts that start on Monday, for your Detroit Tigers, a couple of interesting articles appeared on the Web this week.

First, the Tigers have said they were not interested in trying to pursue Texas Rangers Infielder/DH Michael Young, who has requested a trade from the AL West winner. Young is a 10 and 5 player, meaning he has 10 years MLB service and 5 with the same team, and he can veto a trade to any but 8 teams, and the Tigers are not on that 8 team list. GM Dave Dombrowski said that as far as he is concerned, the team is in the “same place” they were 2 weeks ago, the infield is set. You can read more at Jason Beck’s blog here.

One of the sites that I frequent is MLB Trade and yesterday they posted an article about Joel Zumaya. Is it as they say a “Make or Break” year for the Tigers reliever?

I believe that it is. Zumaya was slated to be the Tigers “Closer in waiting” after his spectacular rookie 2006 season, but as it says in the article, since then Zumaya has been on the 60-day disabled list 5 times since the start of the 2007 season. If Zumaya had been able to remain healthy Detroit wouldn’t have had to sign Jose Valverde during last year’s off season-not to imply the signing was a bad decision.

Zumaya’s career has been highlight radar-gun breaking appearances when healthy, but mostly injury after injury after injury. Zumaya says that he’s healthy and on track to start the season “pain free”. Only time will tell. IF Zumaya can prove he can pitch an entire season, specifically THIS season, he would be one of the anchors of a bullpen that could help the Tigers go deep into the playoffs and, if things go well, into the World Series. He would also secure himself a potentially long-term contract somewhere for 2012.

Also yesterday the Tigers announced that all but ONE game of the 2011 season will be on TV for 2011, and that game could also work its way into being on TV as well, as long as the Tigers are making a playoff push. The only game that (for now) won’t be on TV is the Saturday Sept 17 game at Oakland, and as Jason Beck points out, it too, could end up being televised.

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