Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow, where DID the time go??

Wow, sometimes life can certainly get in the way and keep someone from accomplishing things that need to be done, like working on Tiger Tizzy.

That being said, the season is 4 days away, and as spring training games come to a close, the Detroit Tigers could only manage 3 field goals as they lost to the Baltimore Orioles by a 14-9 score this afternoon in Sarasota, Florida.

The good news for Detroit is that the recently named starter at 2B, Will Rhymes went 3 for 3, with a run scored as he raised his spring training batting average to .328, to go along with a .377 OBP for the spring.

While I certainly don’t expect Rhymes to keep up that kind of production during the course of the regular season, it certainly bodes will for the first month of the season, and who knows, Rhymes could end up being a “sleeper” for the Tigers this year. So much for my speculation earlier in spring training that Sizemore would win the job.

The bad news for the Tigers is that Max Scherzer got pounded allowing 12 runs, 11 earned in his final start before the regular season. Hopefully this was just a one-time thing for the young right-hander. It’s hard to be terribly optimistic about a pitcher that ends spring training with an ERA that is 10.38 however.

Every time I start discussing spring training stats, I am reminded of Midre Cummings, however.

For those of you who do not know the name, well there’s a reason for it. Cummings ended up playing 11 seasons in the Majors, but from 1993-1997, he was in just about EVERY Pittsburgh Pirates spring training highlight shown on SportsCenter. And just like clockwork, by the time July rolled around Cummings was buried deep on the Pirates bench or back in the minors.

Yet, for 4 seasons, the man was just KILLING it in spring training. There is no way of tracking it but it just seemed like every spring training at bat ended up with Cummings striking out in glorious fashion, or hitting a bomb, that might be landing in Cuba just about now. I mean those baseballs he hit out of the park had some SERIOUS hang-time. For the record, Cummings ended his 11 year MLB career with a .257 career batting average, and 22 career homers.

I wish I could find out, but I bet he had close to 22 career spring training home runs in far fewer than his 1,113 regular season AB’s.

There, so I guess that was a really LONG winded way of saying I’m not expecting a .328 batting average for the season for Will Rhymes, or a 10.38 ERA for Max Scherzer.

Just call them spring training fluke events.

Oh, and by the way, welcome back to Tiger Tizzy, and I'm glad you stuck around.

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