Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tigers start the season 1-3, is it really time to panic?

Every morning when I wake up, I drink my morning coffee and hop in the internet and browse the internet for the latest news, sports scores and articles about the Tigers.

It took a 10 run outburst as they beat the Yankees on Sunday, for the Tigers to avoid starting the season 0-3, and then the Tigs lost game one of the series against the Orioles, to fall to 1-3.

But being totally honest, it NEVER occurred to me to start to panic at the Tigers less than great start.

So when I opened up my browser on Wednesday and saw this article, I was a little surprised. Later on I got to THIS, and really became puzzled.

Hey, I am as much of a Tigers fan as ANYONE, and of course I want them to go 162 and 0. DUH! Of course it won’t happen, as even the biggest Tigers fan in the world knows. But is a 1-3 start really cause to question starting lineup choices, or pitching rotations, or even take actions, whatever they may be, to avoid “panic”??

I mean seriously, the season is 162 games long. Heck I could understand panic if we were talking about the Tampa Bay Rays, or Boston Red Sox. I mean the Rays were expected to contend for the AL East, or at least the Wild Card spot in the American League, and the BoSox were picked by ALL of ESPN’s experts to win the AL East title, with 33 of them picking the Sawx to win it all.

Now, if we are on May 1st and the Tigers record stands at 6-21, yeah I would be in panic mode. Heads would roll, changes would be made, the lineup would be completely blown up, minor league recalls would take place, and firings would happen.

Heck, I might even consider re-constructing Tiger Stadium, so the team could move back to the friendly confines of “the corner” just to try and turn the season around.

OK, maybe that was a bit much, but….

Hey, in the mean-time, gang, we are 4 games into the season. Let’s avoid panic, just yet. Give the boys a chance to have a few home games at Comerica before we let panic set in. I mean, we haven’t even seen a 70 degree day yet.

It’s early, relax.

Oh and by the way, congrats to Armando Galarraga, for picking up the win in his debut with the Arizona Diamondbacks, who are managed, lest we forget, by former Tiger great Kirk Gibson, with Alan Trammell as his bench coach.


B LaBelle said...

Good work on the Galarraga nod, I forgot to check how he did, and I usually follow the Dbacks as my 2nd team.

As for panic, that is just the world we live in. Those same people will be predicting the Tigers to win it all if they win the next 6 games. We both know this to be true, the problem with sports writing these days is that no one stays on course, people just write things that they think people will read. It is sad.

Here is the goal, get through April at .500 and with the starting lineup in tact. Which means no injuries, and possibly just as important with guys like Austin Jackson, Rhymes, and Boesch hitting well enough to keep playing each day, and you can add that we still have the same 5 man pitching rotation as well.

What ya think Scotto? What are your actual goals for the first month of the season?

adam said...

Great stuff, Scott. I couldn't agree with you more. Mayo tends to be too far one way or the other in regards to whichever team he happens to write about.

I say let's wait 40 games or so before we start nitpicking the team. Of course, we can analyze it, but it's entirely too early to cast judgment just yet.

Scott said...

Thanks Adam. I appreciate the comments. As always I'll be following your work on Mlive.

Scott said...


Your goals of no major injuries are KEY Brandon.

My goal for the first month of the season is like yours, no major injuries, and I think they need to average 16 wins a month to end up winning the AL Central. Right now they are 2-3 so they need 14 more wins to get there for April.

A win tonight gives us 2/3 with Baltimore, and I see them sweeping KC and Seattle at home later this month, and get 1 of the three games against Texas and Seattle on the road, and 2 in Oakland and 1 in Chicago against the Sox, while knocking off Cleveland for the final 2 to end the month.