Monday, February 13, 2012

Cespedes reportedly to sign 4-yr deal with A’s.

According to multiple sources, Cuban OF Yeonis Cespedes will sign a 4-year contract worth $36-million with the Oakland A’s. first broke the story earlier today.  Major League Baseball had said that Cespedes couldn't finalize a contract until he obtained an unblocking license from the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, because of his status as a Cuban national, who is established residency in another country, in this case, the Dominican Republic, but reports today say that Cespedes has had the block removed, thus paving his way to sign the deal with Oakland.

The A’s signing of Cespedes ends months of rumors linking the 26-year-old OF, with the Miami Marlins, who offered him a contract last week, as well as the Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs and White Sox as well as the Detroit Tigers. 

I have to admit I am suprised by the signing, and for a 4-year deal worth $36 million, I am a little suprised that the Tigers weren't a little more aggressive in signing Cespedes. 

Granted Detroit got the 2nd best Free Agent bat on the market in Prince Fielder.  He cost them a lot of money with his deal, I still think that somehow over the past few weeks, that the Tigers interest in Cespedes has waivered.  Cespedes might turn out to be the "real deal" but he could also turn out to be a huge bust.   I guess only time will tell what kind of player Cespedes becomes.  I'm kind of glad the Tigers aren't the ones taking the risk.

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