Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where do 2013 Tigers Prospects rank?

Spring Training is just around the corner, so that means its time for the experts who compile lists and rankings of the best baseball prospects to produce their 2013 rankings.

Nick Castellanos
Tigers 3B/OF prospect Nick Castellanos is the consensus #1 prospect in the Tigers system.  He was named MVP of the 2012 Futures Game and his future is quite bright as a major leaguer. The question is where will Castellanos end up playing in the majors? As he is blocked at 3B in the Majors by reigning AL MVP Miguel Cabrera.

Potential closer Bruce Rondon is the generally rated as the Tigers next best prospect.  While the future for Rondon seems bright, 2013 seemingly is lining up as a very pivotal season for the hard-throwing RHP.  Rondon has hit 102 MPH and some in the scouting business say he has even touched 103 with his fastball.  He is also listed as the Tigers closer in the minds of many.  However, this is quite the gamble for the Tigers, as Rondon has only 9 IP above AA ball. 
Bruce Rondon

Castellanos and Rondon, are generally listed as the only 2 prospects to be listed on the various “Top Prospects” lists that are being published.  Both players appear on many "Top 100" lists, but not all of them.  

Detroit’s “win now’ mentality has cost the Tigers as 11 of the Top 30 prospects for 2012 and 2013 have been traded away in deals, in addition Detroit has had to forfeit its top selection in the last three MLB Drafts as compensation for signing Free Agents.

Between trading away prospects and lack of upper tier draft picks, the Tigers minor league system is considered one of the worst in the Majors heading in to the 2013 Season.  

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